For Irene Cunningham, a 20th century woman struggling to make ends meet, the job at the Santa Monica DA's office was the final chance to prove things to not only herself but her family as well. For Melissa, her twin sister, it means that Irene's eventual success will bring a halt to the constant family feuds and the bickering between Irene and her father.
To the twins, the tale of their families' ancestral struggle is nothing more than a bedtime story they had heard a thousand times, but when a member of the Brethren attacks Irene, they both discover that to survive, they must learn to embrace the archaic power of the Coven. The two young women find they must trust ancient rituals that leave them questioning themselves, their spiritual beliefs, and understanding of their own existence.

They have been with us for eternities using their power to slip between slices of time and appear, three families, taking many forms, experiencing the thrills of life and death on Earth. One family brought a lust for cruelty and devastation. Known as the Brethren, their visits always resulted in the death and torture of millions.  The remaining families chose to live with mankind in peace. They called themselves the Coven and began passing the knowledge of their powers and memories of their existence to their descendants. The connection between the two worlds became unimportant and was broken, leaving both Coven and Brethren to exist on our world.  Trapped on Earth, the Brethren fought to reestablish the connection, a connection which allowed them to travel between Earth and their world as they once did. But each time they tried, the Coven trapped them in a Gifter’s Ring, and banished the Brethren to their world never to return.  Now members of the Brethren are united and organized, and there is one Master who knows of a Coven member that has the power to establish the connection again. A five year old child who holds the key to the Brethren’s continued existence.