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P.G. Barnett

P.G. Barnett was born to Harold and Delores June Barnett April 30th 1953. When he was eight years old his parents separated and later divorced.  P.G. and his brother were sent to live with their grandparents. Granddad was a fervent protestant minister and P.G. often had the occasion to hear discussions of religious dogma. He formed his own unique opinions on salvation and good and evil and began writing his own special brand of stories at the tender age of twelve years old. Until 2005 P.G. was content with his short stories but that all changed when a story began to develop in his head which refused to let him sleep at night.  This story nagged him until he sat down and started writing to get the demons out of his head.  In 2006 the result of his purging became his first novel, "A Balance of Evil", a supernatural tale of twins who are caught up in a battle between good and evil.

P.G. Barnett's life experiences offer him a spectacular visionary portal into the psyche of the human soul. A native of Texas, he proudly wears a Stetson when he can, and cranks out story after wonderful story.

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