Review of Deeply Odd By Dean Koontz

A must read for Oddies everywhere!

Dean Koontz hardly waits for us to curl up with the first chapter before he grabs us by the throat and yanks us into a thrilling, nerve wracking tale of evil at its worst and Odd Thomas at his best!

Odd, the hero of Pico Mundo comes face to face with a rhinestone cowboy trucker who seeks to pay homage to the denizens of the dark by sacrificing scores of children, children who will meet a grisly end if Odd fails to succeed in his attempts to save them.

But this is no simple cowboy trucker Odd is up against and soon Odd Thomas discovers he must follow evil to Elsewhere, a parallel existence where evil thrives and there our stalwart Odd meets himself, another Odd, an Elsewhere Odd, whose only mission is to suck the life’s breath out of our hero.

As Odd Thomas races to save the children he meets Edie Fischer and is introduced to a subculture of evil fighters he never knew about, all smoothed out and fully blue.

I highly recommend Deeply Odd to all Koontz lovers, but I have to warn you. Don’t expect to get much sleep when you start the journey and you may want to consider a calming spot of hot tea during and afterward to ease your jangling nervous system!