Review of Odd Apocalypse by Dean Koontz

Being an Odd follower I was not disappointed with Odd Apocalypse. Dean’s wit is simply outstanding and the narrative flows brilliantly. I must say I would have loved a better connection between the “freaks” and the story line, but as perspectives go, the “porkers” added to the tension of the story.

Nonetheless, and by any stretch of the imagination, Dean effectively portrays Roseland as a place of wickedness and reveals the horror within, providing the reader tantalizing pieces of the nightmare a bit at a time, slowly unfolding the ugly truth about the monsters within and presenting Odd with serious threats on both his sanity and his life.

Only Odd can eventually discover what keeps Roseland together and when he does Odd Thomas realizes he must be the scourge to end it’s evil.

Another great tale in the Odd series!